Refinishing Extras

Refinished surfaces, especially bathtubs, require different care than non-refinished surfaces. That’s why we’ve put together this list of items, like cleaners, hardware, caulk, and even a special antislip mat – that we recommend for refinished surfaces.

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CLEANERS: A professionally refinished surface looks, feels, and cleans like brand new, so be sure to use only mild, non-abrasive products without bleach applied with a non-abrasive sponge or damp cloth when cleaning because as with any new surface, the finish or shine can be dulled or damaged by abrasive cleansers and applicators. We recommend Simple Green Ready to Use.

ANTI-SLIP MAT: The bottom of a newly refinished tub will feel a little slicker than an old worn one, so if you want to use a mat for traction, we strongly recommend purchasing one that has no suction cups. Remember, leaving a mat on the bottom of the tub will eventually cause moisture to build between the mat and the refinished surface, so you must take it up each time you use it. When you do , be sure to hang it over the towel bar and not the tub saddle.

HARDWARE: Regarding the bathtub drain and overflow cover, if your existing set is not new, this is the time to replace it with a shiny new set, because your tub is going to look brand new again after refinishing.  If you prefer, we can purchase a new chrome set for you for $50 ($75 for other finishes), or you can choose to purchase the set yourself and have us install it if you choose the Turnkey Service.

CAULK: Part of the preparation before refinishing a bathtub includes cleaning and/or trimming back the caulk line between the tub and last row of tile. We do that to get a complete surface to spray. For optimal results, maintain a non-silicone caulking around all refinished surfaces, especially bathtubs.  We recommend Loctite’s Polyseamseal Ultra or DAP’s Kwik Seal caulk.

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