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Porcelain-over-Steel Bathtub

$ 375 per tub
  • Standard size is 5 foot. Shape is rectangular.

    NOTE: This size tub can also be made of acrylic or fiberglass.
    Turnkey Service = $125
    Drain/Overflow = $50-$75

Porcelain-over-Cast-Iron Bathtub

$ 450 per tub
  • Standard size is 5 foot, but can be longer. Shape is rectangular.

    NOTE: Measure length from tip to tip and add $50 per additional half foot.
    Turnkey Service = $125
    Drain/Overflow = $50-$75

Clawfoot, Slipper, and Pedestal Tubs

$ 475 per tub
  • Standard size is 5 foot, but can be longer. Shape is rectangular.

    NOTE: Measure length from tip to tip and add $50 per additional half foot.
    Turnkey Service = $125

Oversized and Jetted Bathtubs

$ varies
  • Can be made of Cultured Marble, Fiberglass, or Acrylic.

    : Because these types of tubs can be any size or shape, images and measurements are required. See easy "how-to" instructions below.
    Turnkey Service = $125
    Drain/Overflow = $50-$75

Types of Tubs:  Porcelain, Acrylic, Fiberglass, and Cultured Marble

As shown above, there are 4 types of materials bathtubs can be made from:  porcelain-over-steel or cast iron, cultured marble, fiberglass, and acrylic.  The most common type and size of bathtub is a 5 foot rectangular porcelain tub, but this size tub can also be made of acrylic or fiberglass. 

Acrylic and fiberglass tubs can also be oversized, jetted, and any shape.  Cultured marble tubs, however, are always oversized, and like acrylic and fiberglass, can be oval, round, or square-shaped, as well as jetted or non-jetted.

How to Measure an Oversized Tub

If your bathtub is any size or shape other than a 5 foot rectangle, we will need pictures and 3 measurements to deliver an accurate bid.  The quickest way to do that is to send an email to

Cultured Marble BathtubWhen taking these pictures, capture an overall image of the tub so that I can see the front of it (meaning the part you step over to get into the tub), as well as what's on either side and above it - all in one shot.  That way I can see how it sits in the room and what's surrounding it.   Also send images of any damage you can see.  When taking these pictures, just keep in mind I'm trying to see what you see.

I'll also need 3 easy measurements (for length, width, and depth).  When taking these measurements, do not dip down into the tub.  Just measure straight across the tub deck from end to end for length; side to side for width; and lastly, for the depth, put the measuring tape on the bathroom floor outside of the bathtub and measure straight up vertically to the top of the tub.  If there are ledges, window sills, or steps that you also want refinished, include measurements for those.  Please also indicate the total number of jet trim pieces.

One-Piece Wall Units

One-Piece Bathtub Surround

Some acrylic and fiberglass tubs can be part of a one-piece wall unit, where the wall and the tub are one big molded piece of material.  How can you tell if your bathtub is actually part of a wall unit and not a "stand-alone" tub?  Look for a caulk line that clearly separates the bathtub from the walls surrounding it.  If there is no caulk line, then yours is a one-piece wall unit.  Unfortunately, this means that even though only the tub may need refinishing, we must refinish the entire wall unit, because again, it is one piece of material. 

NOTE:  If a one-piece wall unit is what you want refinished, we will need to know the height of the walls, measured from the top of the bathtub to the top of the wall.

Repair Work Prior to Refinishing

Repairs are not optional.  In order to guarantee our work, all damage (rust, chips, nicks, holes, staining, discoloration, etc.) found on a tub's surface must be repaired prior to refinishing the tub. Cost for repairs are never more than $150, unless there is extreme damage involved.  To better explain this repair cost, our 40+ years of experience with tubs that need to be refinished has been that inherent abnormalities (like pinholes, pock marks, and dimples created during the manufacturing process), as well as flaws due to normal wear and tear, begin to appear and become magnified once we start to spray on the new finish.

To help minimize these flaws, we take an extra step during the prep phase that we call "skinning" the tub, which is meticulously filling in these divots with bondo to build them up, then gently sanding them smooth and leveling them out as much as is possible before refinishing. Although it's impossible to remove all of a tub's imperfections, any that remain will not adversely affect the tub's refinished surface.

The Turnkey Service Option

Part of our preparation before refinishing includes (1) protecting the bathroom from overspray by putting paper and plastic on the walls and floor, (2) cleaning, trimming back, and/or removing the caulk line where the tub meets the wall (the method chosen will depend on what is required), and (3) removing the overflow cover and drain (if the drain can easily be removed).

Turnkey Service OptionIf you choose the Turnkey Service, we will return the day after refinishing to (1) remove the protective paper from the walls and floor, (2) re-caulk around the tub, and (3) re-install the existing overflow cover (and drain, if it was able to be removed prior to refinishing), or install a new set (if you choose). 

We can purchase a new chrome drain and overflow cover set for you for $50 (or $75 for other finishes like oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel), or you can choose to purchase the set yourself and have us install it during the Turnkey Service.  Either way, we need to know if you will require this additional service and/or a new drain and overflow cover at time of scheduling, as it requires an extra day in our schedule.  The Turnkey Service is $125.

IMPORTANT: We will be closing the bathroom door after refinishing to seal the room.  Please keep it closed and do not enter the bathroom until we come back the next day.  This will help keep a semi-sterile, still environment in place.  Entering the room will stir up the air and may cause lint or other minute particles of debris to fall and get caught in the tub surface while it is still wet.  We cannot be responsible for this.

NOTE:  If you are opting out of the Turnkey Service, wait a full 24 hours after refinishing before entering the bathroom to carefully perform the steps mentioned in the Turnkey Service.  Do not get into the tub, or wear tools or a belt buckle around your waist when doing this work.  Also, be sure not to over-tighten the drain when re-installing.

Service Areas

Our service areas extend to most of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex including Arlington, Bedford, Carrollton, Colleyville, Coppell, Dallas, Euless, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Haltom City, Hurst, Irving, Keller, Lewisville, North Richland Hills, Richland Hills, Roanoke, Southlake, Trophy Club, Watauga, and Westlake.  These cities indicate our maximum travel range.  Call Debbie at 817.305.0300 if you're unsure whether we travel to your area without an additional travel charge, which generally ranges from $75-$150 per day.