PRICING.  Is it an exact science?  Well, yes and no.  While we can tell you exactly what a previously-refinished, porcelain-over-cast-iron bathtub costs to strip, repair, and refinish without any pictures or measurements, we cannot tell you how much a shower or shower floor would cost to refinish ... without pictures and measurements for height, length, and width.  Why?  Because the former has no variables, but the latter does.

With that in mind, here are prices that will give you a general idea of the cost to refinish tubs, tub surrounds, showers, and shower floors.  Please note we do not refinish floor tile, because our product is not designed to be walked on.

In addition to the cost of refinishing a bathtub, tub tub surround wall tile, shower, or shower floor, you also have two other options:  (1) an option to have us purchase and install a shiny new drain and overflow cover for your shiny refinished tub, and (2) an option to have the tile surrounding the bathtub professionally deep-cleaned, if it looks dirty.  This latter option is always a good idea if the tile is less than pristine-looking before refinishing, because it will look a lot worse after the tub is refinished, simply because the tub will look like new!

Drain and Overflow Cover:  If your existing set is old, now is the time to get a shiny, new set to match your shiny, new refinished bathtub. You can purchase the set yourself that you want us to install, or we can buy it for you.  If you want us to buy it, the cost of the drain and overflow is determined by the type of finish you choose (chrome, brass, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, etc.).  The most common finish is chrome, which is $50 for the drain and overflow cover set.   All other finishes are $75 per set.

Deep Cleaning Tile:  If you want to change the color of the tile surrounding your bathtub, refinishing is what you want.  However, if the tile just looks extremely dirty, it doesn't necessarily mean that the tile needs to be refinished - it may only need a really deep clean!

But first things first!  Check for wall integrity behind the tile.  If there are no loose tiles, the grout is still firmly in place between the tiles, and there is no obvious water damage (evidenced by a "spongy" feel to the tiles when you press on them), then we can deep clean them to make the entire surround look good again (this is not an ordinary type of clean that you can or would do).  So ask us about this option.  The cost to deep clean a standard 50sf surround (3 walls of tile that are 5 feet high) is $250.

Anti-Slip Options:  A newly refinished tub is going to look, clean, and feel like a brand new tub, which means it is going to feel slicker than what you've been used to.  Although there is no fail-safe way to avoid accidental falls, you must exercise some caution when stepping into the tub.  We're not saying it is overly-slippery.  We're only pointing out that it will be more slippery for a few weeks than before it was refinished.

Having said that, you may want to opt for adding an anti-slip treatment ($125) to the tub bottom the day of refinishing.   As the word 'treatment' suggests, this is not a traditional glue-down mat.  It is an anti-slip surface that is applied to the tub bottom between the primer and top coats.  It can be detected visually at certain angles depending on the light, but is basically barely noticeable.

If your tub has never been refinished and you're only looking for an anti-slip solution, we can apply a treatment to the tub bottom that you cannot feel or see until it gets wet.  Water activates the grip of this anti-slip surface.  Cost is $325 for this service.