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Pricing Options

PRICING.  Is it an exact science?  Well, yes and no.  While we can tell you exactly what a previously-refinished, porcelain-over-cast-iron bathtub costs to strip, repair, and refinish without any pictures or measurements, we cannot tell you how much an oversized cultured marble tub would cost to refinish ... without pictures and measurements for length, width, and depth.  Why?  Because the former has no variables, but the latter does.

With that in mind, here are prices that will give you a general idea of how much it costs to refinish tubs, sinks, countertops, showers, shower floors, tub surrounds, and bathroom wall tile.  Please note we do not refinish floor tile, because our product is not designed to be walked on.

In addition to the cost of refinishing a bathtub, shower, shower floor, sink, or wall tile, you also have a few options - very few actually - only three to be exact:  The Turnkey Service (described below), a shiny new drain and overflow cover for your shiny refinished tub, and an option to deep clean the tile surrounding the bathtub if it looks dirty.  This is always a good idea because if the tile is less than pristine before refinishing, it will look a lot worse after the tub is refinished, simply because the tub will look like new!

The TURNKEY Service Option

The Turnkey Service steps differ depending upon whether we are refinishing a bathtub, shower, shower floor, sink, wall tile, or countertop, but for the purpose of generally explaining the steps taken during the Turnkey Service, we'll use a bathtub for this example.

Part of the preparation before refinishing a bathtub includes (1) cleaning, trimming back, or even removing the caulk line between the tub and last row of tile (method used will be determined by need at time of service), (2) protecting the immediate surrounding area with paper and statically-charged plastic, and (3) removing the drain and overflow cover (if possible) to get a complete surface to spray.

The TURNKEY Service Option

The day after refinishing (wait a full 24 hours), you have the option of removing this protective paper and plastic, re-caulking the tub, and re-installing the existing (or a new) drain and overflow cover ... or we can return the next day to do these things for a charge of $125.  We call this the Turnkey Service.  This process takes about an hour for us to do it - and anyone can do it, but most homeowners prefer that we do it so it's a turnkey project for them. It's totally up to you, but for scheduling purposes, we will need to know if you require the Turnkey Service at time of scheduling the work, as it does require an extra day in our schedule.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT CAULK: Regarding the caulk, if your tub's caulk color is anything other than white, especially if the caulk color needs to match the tile's grout color, please provide us with a tube of that colored caulk so that we can caulk in the color you prefer during the Turnkey Service; otherwise, we will use white.  If you want us to provide a special-colored caulk, the charge is $20, but we will need to know the brand name and color of the grout you're trying to match in order to purchase the matching caulk.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE DRAIN AND OVERFLOW COVER:  Regarding the drain and overflow cover, if your existing set is old, now is the time to get a shiny, new set to match your shiny, new refinished bathtub. If you choose the Turnkey Service, you can purchase the set yourself that you want us to install, or we can buy it for you.  If you want us to buy it, the cost of the drain and overflow is determined by the type of finish you choose (chrome, brass, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, etc.).  The most common finish is chrome, which is $50 for the drain and overflow cover set.   All other finishes are $75 per set.

DEEP Cleaning Tile

Refinishing vs. Deep Cleaning the Tile Surrounding your Bathtub:  If you want to change the color of the tile surrounding your bathtub, refinishing is what you want.  However, if the tile just looks extremely dirty, especially around the grout lines, it doesn't necessarily mean that the tile needs to be refinished - it may only need a really deep clean!

But first, check for wall integrity behind the tile.  If there are no loose tiles, the grout is still firmly in place between the tiles, and no obvious water damage, evidenced by no "spongy" feel to the tiles when you press on them, then we can deep clean them to make the entire surround look good again (this is not an ordinary type of clean that you can or would do).  So ask us about this option.  The cost to deep clean a standard 50sf surround (3 walls of tile that are 5 feet high) is $225.